Stress Pack And its effect on side effects induced by vaccination

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Evaluating effect of Stress-Pack* (an anti-stress product)  on side effects induced by vaccination as a stressor in dairy cattle


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Stress Management is a significant factor in industrial livestock farms.
Farm managers have always been trying to decrease stress in their farm animals and overcome its adverse effects .
In this study , anti-stress effects of Stress Pack ® feed additives , manufactured by BIOCHEM GmbH. , Germany was investigated in an industrial
cow farm at the time of food and mouth disease (FDM) vaccination , a stress inducing factor .
Cows were divided in control and treatment groups (received 12 g or 24 g Stress-Pack ®, 2 days before and 1 day after vaccination) and evaluated
for hematological changes , milk yield , pregnancy rate and anaphylactic shock before and after shock before and after vaccination.

Results showed that after vaccination , in treatment group that received 12 g Stress-Pack ®, not only no reduction in milk yield was seen but also signficant increase in milk production happened.

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